The Friday Photo #183 – Driftwood and breakers in Sayulita

Where do the days go?

I’ve been in Sayulita nearly four weeks now. It doesn’t feel like it at all, as life passes slowly in this little beach town. The first signs of high season’s approach are appearing, though, as cafes and bars start to roll up their shutters after the summer slumber.

Having a friend in town for a few days gave me the perfect excuse to do a little exploring this morning, wandering along dirt paths to an empty surf beach half an hour away. We could hear the ocean before we could see it, roaring and crashing like a caged animal.

There wasn’t much there, just pitted rocks, sea debris and a man walking his dogs along the rugged coastline. It was the perfect place to sit and reflect for a while, moving only when the surf ran up the beach and threatened to envelop us.

It was good to wander. It always is.

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