Feet and ferries

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Up and out early (I really didn’t want to spend any longer than necessary in the hostel) and on my way to Cradle Mountain.  I knew this was apparently one of the ‘must see’ areas of Tasmania and it seemed a fitting way to spend my last full day here.  As a result I was expecting some stunning scenery – what I wasn’t expecting was the stunning weather to go with it.  It’s fair to say that this part of the state has a reputation for appalling conditions at times, but there were no sign of them while I was there.  Blue skies, hot sunshine and gorgeous views – very much a recipe for success in my book.

The drive into the national park was the perfect start to the day – only 100km from Deloraine, and at least ten times as many corners.  I know that I’ve gone on a bit about how wonderful the roads have been on this trip, but they really are something special.  I’d actually considered hiring or relocating a campervan instead of taking my own car over on the ferry, and I’m very glad that I didn’t.  Motor homes have a number of advantages, but pure driving pleasure really isn’t one of them..

After a useful chat to the helpful woman behind the counter at the National Park office – and doing my bit for New Zealand tourism while talking to an older couple who were there at the same time – I took the shuttle bus to Dove Lake and started walking the perimeter.  Given that this is peak season in Tasmania there weren’t too many other people doing the same thing, leaving plenty of time and space to enjoy the diversity of scenery and views.  I could see why this park is so popular, and can only imagine that hiking the six day Overland Track which starts here would be an incredible experience.


The rest of the afternoon was spent in the same vein really – up to Wombat Pool and back and then the 8.5km boardwalk back to the park office and carpark.  On a day like this, I couldn’t think of anywhere else that I would rather have been.  Truly spectacular.

And that was pretty much the end of the trip really.  I spent the night at Molly Malone’s pub in Devonport (yes, they do have accommodation, I didn’t just pass out at the bar…) and was on the ferry back to Melbourne early the following morning with my time in Tassie rapidly becoming just a happy memory.  A brilliant way to spend a week and a half – had I known how much there was to see and do, and if finances permitted, I would probably have given myself another week.  As it stands, I have a great excuse to go back – more time in Hobart and a few days on the far west of the island will be in store for next time…

Safe travels!

4 Responses to “Feet and ferries

  • Didn’t make the summit? I had some amazing weather on my day @ Cradle Mountain as well. It was a highlight for sure.

  • Hey Dustin – nope, didn’t try for the summit, there seemed plenty of other options that were a bit less exposed so I went for them.. 🙂 Awesome hiking and views everywhere!

  • Oh Dave! I’m on the road at the moment (writing this from bonnie Scotland) but what you’ve written about dear Tasmania has made my heart sing! I’m really appreciating my home state the more time I spend on the road. I grew up on the far north-west tip of Tassie and agree, you definitely have to get back there some time and soak up the west coast – it’s fantastic! Glad I found your blog, it’s rad.

    • Aww thanks!! 🙂 I’m on the other side of the world at the moment as well (Amsterdam) but Tasmania still holds a place in my heart. I think another road trip could be in order next summer!

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