Is It Time to Stop?

September 15, 2014 | New Zealand, Spain, UK | 46 Comments

It’s a natural tendency to want to know what happens next. That’s why people read horoscopes, mindlessly scroll through Facebook for hours and binge watch every episode of Friends during one inglorious rainy weekend.

Apparently, though, it’s not just Ross and Rachel’s future that interests people. In the last few months, I’ve found myself being asked a single question much more often than before.

“Are you ever going to stop travelling?”

While six, twelve or even 24 months of wandering is somewhat acceptable, people seem to find more than that a bit strange. As my three year travel anniversary draws nearer, friends, family, taxi drivers, random strangers on the Internet have all started asking if this trip is going to end one day.

Aren’t I sick of it yet? Isn’t Lauren? Don’t we want a house? Normal jobs? Kids? 2.4 puppies and a white picket SUV?

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Waiting for punters in Cambridge

The Friday Photo #99 – Waiting for punters in Cambridge

The medieval town of Cambridge in the UK is famous for many things.

Cobbled streets.

Wonderful old pubs.

One of the most prestigious universities in the world.

And punting on the Cam river that flows through the middle of the city.

I actually did that, many years before I took this photo, and have to say that floating downstream on a sunny day with a glass of wine in hand is not as big a hardship as you might think.

Not on this day, however. Looks like there were no punters to be found anywhere.

Yes, I’m sorry for the terrible pun.

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Dave in Ithaca, 2010

The not-on-any-schedule update #3

Hello, welcome, take a seat. Make yourself comfortable. Would you like a drink? Cup of tea, perhaps, or something a little stronger? Ok, good. In keeping with the proud traditions of sending out updates when you least expect them, here’s my recap of the last six weeks of fun and festivities around Europe.

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