Leopard close-up

Some of the Stupidest Things I’ve Done While Travelling

As you know, I’ve been doing this travelling thing for a while now.  I’d like to think that I’ve got...

Dreaming of South East Asia

It’s a funny thing, you know. Something I’ve realised about myself over the years is that I don’t deal well...

Taking It Slow: Public Transport in South East Asia

I can’t think of anywhere else I’ve been with such diversity of public transport options as South East Asia. If...

Sea and beach

Oh God Not Another Year In Review Post

Another ‘Year in Review’ post, you ask?  Why yes, yes it is.  I figured there weren’t enough of them floating...

The good ship Dave

The not-on-any-schedule update #4 – Asia redux

Yeah gidday. Now that I’m back in Australia, I feel justified in using that horrifically clichéd greeting.  I hope you...

Cooking@home school

Learning to cook in Chiang Mai

Those who know me well are very aware of my skills as a chef.  These skills could be kindly described...

25 Tips for Backpacking Around Southeast Asia

25 tips for backpacking around Southeast Asia, from tuk-tuks to temples and everything in between.

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