The Friday Photo #82 – Fun with fungus

November 11, 2011 | Canada, The Friday Photo, Travel | 0 Comments
Mushrooms on Vancouver Island

I’ve just arrived back in Chiang Mai and have been hanging out with my mate Dustin, a fellow wanderer whose path I keep seeming to cross all over the world.  This got me thinking of the last time we were together, on a fun-filled road trip around Vancouver Island back in June.

On our way back to Victoria we stopped at Cathedral Grove for a while.  It is rightly famous for the enormous fir trees that tower above your head, but there were other delights to be found a lot closer to ground level.  Like these disgusting looking mushrooms, for instance.

I’m all for a full English breakfast, but somehow I don’t think I’ll be suggesting these babies get served up beside my fried eggs any time soon…

My kind of homeless
Returning to Chiang Mai


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