The Friday Photo #61 – A stark reminder in Portland

While wandering around Washington Park and enjoying the sunshine, I happened to stumble across the entrance to the Holocaust Memorial.  Walking up the path towards the memorial wall I noticed a few items strewn around in my way.

Initially I wondered if there was a child nearby who had left their toys lying around, but upon closer inspection I realised that those items were actually small sculptures.  A doll, a violin, some spectacles and most poignant of all, the charred remains of a teddy bear.  Somebody had taken the time to place a daffodil from the nearby gardens beside it – a beautiful touch.

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    Brian Flanders

    May 13, 2013

    I'm speachless at this point but the tears are flowing. Thank you for posting this photo. It is heart breaking reminder of the past that we must never forget.

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