The Friday Photo #57 – I suppose those gardens are ok

Enjoying the gardens at Versailles

On a trip to Paris a few years ago a friend and I took a bike tour out to the royal palace at Versailles.  The tour was fun, exploring the vast riches on display inside was great and buying cheese and wine to enjoy for lunch in the palace grounds was a fantastic idea.

An unexpected highlight, however was the immaculately sculpted gardens surrounding the main buildings.  They were simply stunning.

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    May 21, 2011

    Got those Paris memories coming now, eh? Have you been to Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna? I actually thought those gardens were more beautiful than Versailles--probably the only time I've ever thought that!

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      May 21, 2011

      Yup those memories sure are coming thick and fast - and I blame you! ;-)

      I've never been to Vienna at all - which is a major failing on my part, and something I plan to rectify sooner rather than later...

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