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The Friday Photo #45 – The Sentinel, Tasmania

Near Wineglass Bay Tasmania

The photos you normally see of the area around Wineglass Bay in Tasmania look like something out of a tourist brochure.  Often, in fact, they are something out of a tourist brochure.  Blue skies, white sand, clear water, the lot.

Not on the day I was there.

It had been raining on and off since early morning and I was a little dubious about taking the 13km loop track up and over the hill.  Although the track was a bit damp underfoot the cool temperatures made hiking much more pleasant, however, and it turned out to be a great day’s exploring.

Coming across this piece of driftwood standing watch out over the stormy ocean was just one of the walk’s many highlights.


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    February 25, 2011

    Even with the clouds the water looks incredible!

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    Still a great pic! I got there on a good day :)

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    Peter Heck

    February 26, 2011

    Wow! I agree, that water and beach look amazing. Great shot.

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