The Friday Photo #149 – Which way from here?

Queen Charlotte Track lookout

I’ve just finished hiking on the Queen Charlotte Track, a multi-day walk through some of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds.  One of New Zealand’s famous Great Walks, the track wends it way up and down 71 kilometres of coastline at the top of the South Island.

This particular view is from Eatwell’s Lookout, a steep ten minute climb off the main track roughly halfway through the third day of the walk.  With nearly 360 degree views on a clear day as far as the North Island’s Mount Taranaki in one direction and the Kaikoura Range in the other, it was well worth the burning calves and sweaty forehead.

I was a bit disappointed, though … despite the sign, no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t actually see Paris from there.

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    Great picture! I love those kind of indirect pictures, the road sign but a true beauty is in the background! Great shot!

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