The Friday Photo #148 – Rays of light, Lake Waikaremoana

Ray of light,Lake Waikaremoana

I’ve been back in New Zealand for almost four weeks now, and the run of good weather has been quite remarkable.  Blue skies and bright sunshine have greeted me nearly every morning – far from a given in summer in this part of the world – and made for some spectacular photos.

The few days that haven’t delivered much sun have still given different kinds of photo opportunity, mind you.  Hiking along the rocky shore of Lake Waikaremoana, battling the wind and rain, the clouds briefly parted to shine rays of light towards the opposite hills.  I only had a moment to capture the shot before it disappeared, the ominous black clouds warning me to hurry back to the car before the rain really set in.

Oh, New Zealand weather.  It’s rarely predictable, but it’s always interesting.

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