The Friday Photo #138 – Snail time in Saigon

Snails on Snail Street, Saigon

We arrived in Saigon last night, walking straight from the air-conditioned sanctity of the arrivals hall into a hot, humid mass of humanity.  Two friends of ours recently started Saigon Street Eats, local street food tours, so what better (re)introduction to the city than jumping on the back of their motorbikes and heading straight for Snail Street?

I can’t imagine why they call it that……

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    Jennifer Crites

    December 1, 2012

    I tried these in Paris many years ago. They were served in a round tray with a little indent for each snail, and each indent was filled with butter. I'm glad I gave it a shot, but truthfully, I could have skipped the snail (not much taste) and just gone for the butter :)

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    Rob K

    December 1, 2012

    In Saigon myself now! Leaving tomorrow for Mekong Tour and then doing the south - north thing. It has been awesome so far and much better than your old Vietnam post from awhile back made it sound :P

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    December 2, 2012

    Snails are either really great or on the wrong side of mediocre. The first time I ate thyem was in Indonesia (incredibly tasty), the last was in Spain (much to be desired). I suppose it all comes back to the sauce you cook them with.

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    December 8, 2012

    I think this photo is of the only type of snail we DIDN'T eat that night, Dave!

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