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It’s the little things…

July 9, 2012 | Travel, USA | 7 Comments

I take lots of photos.

Partly because I write about travel, partly because I recently bought a new camera and mostly just because I love having a record of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met.

Looking back through some of them recently, though, I noticed that most of the ones I take – and almost all of ones I share – are of big things.

Flower at Glacier

Big mountains, big skies, big animals.  Lots of big.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I think it’s important to stop and share the little things in life as well.  A couple of weeks in four different US national parks gave me the perfect excuse.

So without further ado, here they are: the little things of the US national parks.

Butterfly, Glacier National Park

This little butterfly was flitting around my head as I walked along a short trail in Glacier National Park.  It stopped on a plant just long enough for me to take this shot before taking off again, quickly disappearing into the nearby trees.

Bug in a cactus, Zion National Park

On my way up to the Emerald Pools in Zion National Park, I stopped to check out some cacti on the side of the track.  We don’t get them in New Zealand, so I always find the spiky green plants fascinating.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one – this bug was pretty keen on them too.

Yellow flower, Glacier National Park

This hardy yellow flower caught my eye in an otherwise barren group of rocks in Grand Teton National Park.

Plant at Glacier National Park

This hardy little plant had staked a claim on a craggy outcrop in Glacier National Park.  The conditions may not have been great, but it couldn’t complain about the view…

Flower and mountains, Glacier National Park

Hiking in the Tetons was probably the highlight of my entire road trip, but the long distance and hot sun made for an exhausting day.  Stopping for a rest and a drink of water, I took the opportunity to shoot this picture at the same time.

It totally wasn’t just an excuse to avoid starting to walk again……

Snowy tree in the Tetons

When the snow finally forced us to stop and start heading back down Cascade Canyon, I thought it was important to document the moment.

Flower in Tetons

Getting close to the Cascade Canyon trailhead, I found another excuse to stop.

Lake at Yellowstone

The funniest thing about this picture at Yellowstone National Park was the contrast.  Looking this way, it was all about the plant life and calm, clear lake.  Literally 100 metres behind me was a desolate moonscape of steaming geysers and boiling thermal pools.  It was a hell of a contrast.

Flower and mountains, Yellowstone

Driving out of Yellowstone late one morning, we stopped on the side of the road for one last photo opportunity.  With sweeping views all around, it was nice to focus on the tiny detail for a change.

Lichen on tree, Yellowstone

And finally, after gazing out at towering cliffs and majestic river gorges all afternoon, I stopped for a minute to check out the gorgeous lichen patterns on the shady side of this tree.

As I say, sometimes it’s all about the little things in life.


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    What a cool idea for a photo collection! Loved the Glacier shots, mainly because I can't wait to break away from work and head up there one weekend.

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      July 14, 2012

      It's an amazing place - loved it there. :)

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    July 10, 2012

    Great photos, and I love the idea behind it. I often concentrate on the 'big' things as well, but it's refreshing (both while you're there and when you're processing the photos later on) to change it up and concentrate on the little joys in life.

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    July 11, 2012

    Fabulous concept of writing about the smaller gifts from nature. Been following your blog for a few months now..You are a great storyteller, I enjoy your writing as much as I enjoy the Lauren's.

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    Love the Glacier National Park photo mainly because of colours!

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