Gardens and goodbye

May 20, 2008 | Singapore, Travel | 1 Comment

Today dawned cold and gloomy, with a hint of snow in the air and an arctic gale howling off the sea.  Yeah, really.  Or maybe it was blue sky, sunny and 34, with a humidity discomfort reading off the scale.  You choose.

Had a few fun filled chores to do (laundry, mostly) after checking out, so went to Washy Washy laundry (I kid you not) and left a load of stinky washing for the unfortunate lady to sort out.

We figured out what the story was with the bus to the Botanic  Gardens and jumped on that, then proceeded to do something a bit different and walk around in the hot sun for the afternoon.  Given that I’m not always the biggest fan of flowers and gardens, this was actually very impressive, especially the rain forest section.  Bec was in love with the orchid garden so I happily left her to potter round in there for a while, but other than that we managed the entire afternoon wandering round together in the baking sun without homicide being performed by either party – always a good thing, I believe.

IMG_1305 Finished up there early evening, back to collect the washing, tried to catch a bus to one of the waterfront areas but ended up giving up on that so (just for a change) walked there instead for dinner.  This area is where the Singapore Flyer is – think London Eye but larger, and you’re pretty much there.  We toyed with the idea of going on it but decided to spend the cash on a decent meal at one of the seafood restaurants instead.  Comedy ensued with the dismembering of the crab (very tasty but my god what an effort – I reckon it’s like celery and actually takes more calories to consume than it provides) and consumption of the world’s stinkiest dessert (made from durian … y’know, the fruit you’re not allowed to have in hotel rooms or on the subway because it stinks so bad.)  As a side note, both of us are still burping the bloody thing up now, a few hours later.  Very attractive.  And stinky.

IMG_1322And now, we’re at Changi.  Great airport (if such things exist) and the staff are incredibly helpful and friendly (like just about everyone else in Singapore) – I’m writing this from a lounge I’m not supposed to be in, with a loaned ethernet cable connecting me to the free airport internet connection, thanks to the generosity of one of the staff members.  So all in all, Singapore was great, my feet are now stumps from walking so far every day, my camera has had a good workout and no major mishaps at all so far, touch wood.  Off to Jo’burg soon and then on to the Kruger – it’s gonna be a long day by the time we fly, take the shuttle bus for a few hours then pick up the rental car.  Almost certainly won’t have internet much if at all for the next week and a half, so no blog updates I suspect.

Take care out there…


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    May 21, 2008

    Hey Drifters, so much for rest ehe? You are supposed to be putting your feet up not wearing them out. lol
    Sounds like you both are having fun. Keep up the news, it's great.

    Do have some rest lol


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