Reach The Peak Of Island Enjoyment: Challenging Oahu Hikes

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Hawaii vacations afford you plenty of opportunities to relax. But as anyone with a knack for adventure will tell you, the state of relaxation is never better than after an action-packed day that yielded a set of unforgettable memories.

When visiting Oahu, break from the beach and get your blood pumping by going for a strenuous hike to the top of one of the island’s many scenic trails. Carrying you through jungles, along ridges, and over streams, the colors, sights, and sounds you’ll take in along these walks are truly unlike anything else.

After breaking a nice sweat over the course of an exciting and adventurous afternoon, the luxury of Oahu hotels will be made all the more apparent, allowing you to get the most of your trip. If you’re looking for an engaging challenge that promises a picturesque payout, here are a few trail suggestions that are sure to give you your money’s worth!


Olomana Hike


For a rush, a workout, and unparalleled views of Kailua and the island’s Windward side, look no further than this local favorite. This hike will lead you to the top of Oahu’s famous 3-peaked ridge, Olomana. While the first two are certainly strenuous, the last ridge presents an advanced challenge for more experienced hikers.

Take a breather at some of the shady points along the trail before reaching the top, where you’ll be greeted with panoramic views of the island. This trail has dangerous spots, and ropes have been added for safety in certain areas. As with all hikes, exercise caution, and know your limits!


Ka’au Crater


Clocking in around 5 hours, this beautiful trail will lead you to one of Oahu’s tuff cones: Ka’au Crater. You can truly run the gamut of Hawaiian beauty on this trail alone, as you’ll take in the luscious greens of the jungle with a rushing stream as your soundtrack. You’ll pass by several picturesque waterfalls before reaching a clearing, which is the meadow at the bottom of the crater.

The bowl itself is lovely, but as you continue your ascent along the ridge to the edge of the cone, the views grow more and more spectacular, until you’re left without any words to describe what you’re seeing.


Maunawili Falls Trail

Maunawili Falls

While this trail doesn’t present the challenge of the other two, climbing up to the top of the falls at the end of the hike and leaping into the pool below will certainly provide you with a boost of adrenaline! This largely covered trail will take you through the jungle for a little over 3 miles, and can grow muddy throughout the year, so it’s important to be prepared!

When you finally head back home, you’ll feel completely fulfilled, relaxed, and perhaps overwhelmed by the wonders of the island!


[Images via kevin1024 (Olomana), jongela19 (Ka'au Crater), SamElias77 (Maunawili Falls)]



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