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For most seasoned travelers, health and travel insurance are a staple feature for any trip; especially with all this hullabaloo about the ACA and recent healthcare changes. Travel insurance is a bit different. With so many different types of travel insurance available it can be difficult to know exactly what we need to buy in order to cover ourselves as well as get the best possible deal to avoid spending vast amounts we don’t need.

Then there are the hidden aspects that not many people know about – for example, you can claim on travel insurance for holidays in the UK the same as with holidays abroad. Because this is a little known fact some insurers miss this cover off, so make sure any you buy has this included.

One of the most well known types of travel insurance is annual travel insurance. Also known as multi trip insurance this will cover you for an unlimited number of trips in a year (though the length of time per trip is subject to a certain amount of days).

When considering annual travel insurance, remember this is often the cheapest option of travel insurance if you take two or more trips in a year, be these in the UK or abroad.

If you aren’t planning on taking more than one trip in a year or if you are planning to only take weekend breaks for example, the often single trip travel insurance can be the best option for you. If you have one main holiday or fancy a few weekends in the sun buying travel insurance per trip can be cheaper than buying annual travel insurance.

If you are only planning to take trips as a family then it may be worth buying family travel insurance. Family travel insurance covers two adults plus children and can be a cheaper option than buying individual policies for each family member. With family travel insurance you only need to buy one insurance policy which will cover your whole family.

It can be difficult to know how best to choose travel insurance, it is worth shopping around for all the different types of travel insurance – just so you know you are getting the best deal. You may find that annual insurance is only slightly more expensive than single trip travel insurance or that single trip insurance is far cheaper for 4 trips than the annual travel insurance would be.


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