A brief guide to the best of the Greek Islands

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Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia

So you’ve decided to visit the Greek islands (good choice), but unless you’re planning on staying in Greece for the next two years, you’re going to have to choose which ones you want to see most! Whether it’s a secluded paradise or non-stop partying you’re after, here’s a quick guide to some of the top islands in Greece and what they do best.

Best Views – Santorini

There’s no better place in Greece (and some say the world) to sit and watch incredible sunsets than on the beautiful island of Santorini. The white washed houses and volcanic surroundings offer spectacular views so a fully charged camera is essential here! It’s known as one of the most romantic Greek islands, but it’s just as enjoyable sitting with a drink or two planning where you’re going to head to next – that’s if you can bear to leave.

Best for Partying – Mykonos

Combining natural beauty with non-stop partying, Mykonos allows you to boogie into the early hours. Staying in a cabin at the Paradise Beach Resort gets you close to all the action and it’s a great place to meet people – don’t expect to get much sleep though. The drinking never stops on the beach and you’ll be celebrating with travellers from all over the world for the biggest beach party you’ll ever be invited to!

The beach is great fun (and free) but if you want to hit the clubs, the Paradise Club is regarded as the best in Greece, with many top DJ’s playing there. The oldest club on the island is the Cavo Paradiso – any self-respected clubber won’t turn up until after 4am here. Admission is quite high though so it’s probably best to avoid it if you’re on a budget.

Best for Water Sports – Rhodes

A range of water sports are available in Greece wherever you’re staying, from cheap Corfu hotels to luxury apartments in Santorini. If you’re really keen on some adrenaline-filled action though, the best island to visit is Rhodes. Banana boats can hold around 12 people and are a great laugh, although falling off into the sea and getting a mouthful of salt is a given! It’s a great way to meet new people though as it usually leads to a few drinks afterwards. Ringos (giant rubber rings with a filled in bottom pulled along by a speed boat) are really good fun too. Water skiing is incredibly popular on the island, but slightly harder than just sitting there being pulled along – definitely worth a go if you’re feeling energetic.

Sunset at Santorini

Best Nudist Beach – Crete

It’s not for everyone but if you’ve been travelling for a while then you probably won’t mind getting your smelly kit off for a bit. Leave your inhibitions (and your clothes) behind and embrace the Red Beach in Crete, one of the best nudist beaches in Greece. Lined with small caves that used to be home to hippies in the seventies, it’s great for exploring. It’s probably best to put your clothes back on before returning to Crete hotels though!

Best Beach – Kefalonia

If you like to keep at least some clothes on whilst relaxing by the sea then visit arguably the best beach Greece has to offer. Backed by steep limestone cliffs, Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia may seem like nothing special at first glance, but look closely and you’ll see the shimmering water surrounded by green mountains, with the warm Greek sun glistening down on it. There’s no better place in Greece to relax and top up your tan.

Best for Relaxing – Milos

Not everyone wants to be surrounded by sweaty clubbers or tourists feverishly clicking cameras, so if it’s peace and quiet you’re after, escape to the island of Milos. A sea-taxi tour is a great way to uncover some of the most remote spots Greece has to offer, with stunning rock formations and fascinating caves. The beaches are equally as impressive – there are about 70 in total, all different shapes and sizes. The beach at Achivadolimni is relatively quiet, as it doesn’t get many visitors, or check out the Papafragas Cave, where the crystal clear waters change colour depending on the weather and light – a great sight to see and the perfect location to get away from it all.


[Myrtos image via MattSims, Santorini image via Wolfgang Staudt]


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