Motorcycle in San Sebastian
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The Friday Photo #112 – Incongruous motorbike, San Sebastian

While lazily wandering around the Castillo de Santa Cruz, a medieval castle perched on a hill high above the Basque city of San Sebastian, I came across this shiny motorcycle parked in the grounds outside.

Presumably belonging to one of the staff that worked at the small museum inside the castle, it was an incongruous find amongst the weathered rocks and mossy cobblestones that surrounded it.

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Pigeon in San Sebastian
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San Sebastian, you’re something special

May 30, 2012 | Spain, Travel | 10 Comments

“Have you been to San Sebastian? It’s amazing!”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a variation on that, I would be rich. This small city in the Basque country of northern Spain seems to be a perennial favourite amongst anyone that had ever been there, so when I noticed that it was only a few hundred kilometres from where I was in La Coruña the decision wasn’t hard to make. I was going to San Sebastian.

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Coffee in La Coruna
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Six days in La Coruna

May 28, 2012 | Spain, Travel | 12 Comments

I knew nothing about La Coruna before I arrived. A smallish city of around a quarter million inhabitants on Spain’s north-western coast, I was there only to visit Craig and Linda, good friends that I seem to keep bumping into all over the world..

I boarded the train six days later enamoured with the place. Narrow cobbled streets snaked through the old town with no discernable order to the untrained eye. Families strolled together ambling towards dinner, the restaurants barely starting to open at a time when those in other parts of the world have already shut. The ever-present Atlantic breeze kept temperatures cooler than the rest of the country, but the ocean views that came with it were adequate compensation.

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Sunset in La Coruna
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The Friday Photo #111 – Sunset in La Coruna

I spent this week visiting friends in La Coruna, a small city on the Galician coast of northwest Spain. It’s a wonderful place, relaxing and highly enjoyable despite the cool winds that blew off the Atlantic for much of my stay.

Like much of the rest of the country the food and drink are simply incredible, the people are vibrant and the cobbled streets of the maze-like old town provide hours of exploration (whether that is the intention or not…).

What impressed me most, however? The expansive views. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of perfect vantage points to stop for a while, gazing over the rocky coastline and out into the blue.

It’s even more impressive at sunset.

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Aqueduct in Alicante
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The Friday Photo #104 – Aqueduct in Alicante

My first trip to Spain back in 2006 was to visit some friends in the small town of Alicante on the south east coast. In my jetlagged fog I don’t remember much of the first few days there, except that I drank a lot of sangria on the beach and watched the football world cup in tiny crowded cafes.

Somewhere along the line I apparently did manage some sightseeing though, including this gorgeous Roman aqueduct. I’ve always loved the range of bright colours in this photo, as well as the great architectural mix of old and new literally on top of each other.

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Dave at la Tomatina
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The not-on-any-schedule update #2

October 10, 2010 | Ireland, Laos, Spain, Thailand, Travel | 0 Comments

When I said last time that these updates were going to be irregular, apparently I wasn’t kidding. Over two and a half months have flown by since I last put metaphorical pen to paper to let you know what I’ve been up to. There’s a variety of reasons for that, but top of the list is purely and simply because I forgot. Yeah. Sorry bout that. So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to for the last several weeks. I’ve split this post in two just due to length – the second half will be up in a few days. If you believe that…

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Torres de Serranos, Valencia
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The Friday Photo #21 – Torres de Serranos, Valencia, Spain

September 1, 2010 | Spain, The Friday Photo, Travel | 0 Comments

The medieval city gates of Torres de Serranos loom over Valencia’s old town, providing incredible views over the gorgeous old buildings and out towards the glistening beauty of the Mediterranean.  If you’re in the neighbourhood, a (free) visit to the top of this Gothic landmark is a must.

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La Tomatina crowd
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La Tomatina. Anyone for ketchup?

August 31, 2010 | Advice, Article, Spain, Travel | 18 Comments

Forty thousand revellers. One hundred and fifty thousand tomatoes. Thirty five degrees Celsius. Uncountable amounts of sangria. One small town. A recipe for one hell of a good party.

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